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Who is Therme Group?
Therme Group has a long history of operating wellbeing destinations in Europe that welcome millions of families every year. In addition to our existing facilities, Therme Group has a number of large-scale projects in development around the world.
How was Therme chosen for Ontario Place?
Therme was selected by the Government of Ontario after an international competition for proposals that delivered on the Province’s vision for Ontario Place. Toronto is a world-class, globally oriented city that we’ve always been interested in, and when Ontario Place became a possibility, we were excited to pursue the revitalization of such a remarkable piece of land. It’s the perfect place to introduce North America to the Therme experience and we plan to make this the showpiece for our organization on this continent.
What does Therme Group have planned for Therme Canada | Ontario Place?
Therme Canada | Ontario Place will build an affordable all-season entertainment and wellbeing destination that has something for everyone. There will be indoor and outdoor pools, waterslides, restaurants, and natural spaces to relax.

Outside, we’re creating new public spaces with areas for people to walk, run, bike and swim. It’s going to be a huge draw for families and people across Ontario, and tourists to Toronto. And with our commitment to local arts and community programming, Ontario Place is going to be a showcase for Ontario with something for everyone to enjoy, just as it was when it opened over 50 years ago.
Where will Therme be located?
Therme will be located on the West Island of Ontario Place.
When will Therme open?
We’re eager to open our doors to families from across the province, and we’re working closely with our partners at the City and Province as we move forward through an approvals and permitting process for this unique site. Once the necessary approvals are in place, we estimate that construction will then take up to 24 months.
Which areas will be free public access areas?
As part of our plans for Therme Canada | Ontario Place, we’re creating nearly 12 acres of public space including parkland, a beach, an extended network of biking and walking trails, and new gathering spaces.

As part of the surrounding landscape, there will be gardens and gathering spaces that visitors can enjoy year-round that will also host a variety of arts and culture programs. This green space and the new wetlands that will be created on the site will also help sustain local plant and wildlife habitats.
What will Therme Canada | Ontario Place look like?
While our design plans for the building aren’t final yet, we’re thrilled to be working with Toronto-based Diamond Schmitt Architects who are world-renowned to design a unique, environmentally conscious building that fits in seamlessly with the surrounding area. We look forward to sharing the design soon.
What experiences will Therme offer?
Therme will have something for everyone to enjoy, all year-round. There will be indoor and outdoor pools, waterslides, restaurants, and lush botanical gardens where visitors can have fun and unwind. The facility will be surrounded by nearly 12 acres of public space that includes parkland, a beach, extended biking and walking trails, and gathering spaces where visitors can have picnics, enjoy concerts, and also participate in arts and culture programming that will be offered.
What other programming will be offered?
We’re looking forward to celebrating the diverse and vibrant arts and culture space that already exists in Toronto and across the country, and will be developing an exciting roster of programming for the site. We will be building on this through the Therme Art program and look forward to sharing more details as we get closer to opening.

We also have a partnership with the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), the Cinematic Cities Initiative, which is a 10-year philanthropic partnership where we will be working together on events to promote the role of art and film in creating more human cities.
Will it be family friendly / accessible?
Therme destinations are accessible to people of all ages and abilities. There will be indoor programming with something for everyone, and outside, there will be nearly 12 acres of new public space created that includes parkland, a public beach, extended biking and walking trails, and new programming spaces.
How do I get there?
There will be lots of different ways to get to Therme. Ontario Place will be connected to the city’s existing transportation network with some new options under development. You can reach Therme via Lakeshore Blvd. West, and local bus routes. We’re planning a free shuttle bus to and from the existing Exhibition GO station and adding a free bike share. In the future, Therme will also be accessible via the new Ontario Line subway.
How are you protecting the environment and surrounding ecosystem?
The Ontario Place west island shoreline is beyond its engineered lifespan and with climate change is prone to flooding. Therme’s work to restore, improve and expand the Island will address these issues.

Therme’s building and surrounding parkland are designed with nature as a reference point. The design focuses on sustainability and environmental efficiency and the building is being designed to reach LEED Platinum standards. The design uses green technologies and materials to meet this standard and will feature, among other things, a green roof. State-of-the-art water treatment technology will use the grey water for the green roofs on the building itself, and water used will be treated and evacuated out into the lake. New technologies that weren’t available when Ontario Place was first built will now allow the West Island to be more permeable to water, and where possible, allow for the introduction of more soil and green space.
How will the facility be environmentally conscious?
The facility will be designed to reach a LEED Platinum standard and will be built using the latest green technologies and sustainable materials. All our facilities use state-of-the-art water treatment and air purification technology to reduce both water and energy consumption.
How will Therme honour the heritage of the site?
Therme Canada | Ontario Place has been designed to follow the strategic conservation plan for Ontario Place. This means our plan will protect the heritage value of the site by respecting the important features of Ontario Place. We will also create new view corridors and offer a design that respects the land and neighbouring structures.
What existing structures will be preserved?
The Government of Ontario committed to protecting the heritage architectural buildings at Ontario Place including the Pods and the Cinesphere. The structures on the West Island are in poor condition, but we’ll be maintaining the heritage value of the site as it’s redeveloped to make Ontario Place a destination for all Ontarians again.
How can the community get involved in this project?
We’ve already been engaging with residents and civic leaders to listen and talk about our plans for the site, but there will be more opportunities for dialogue as the development approvals process advances.

As part of our proposal to the Province’s Call for Development, we began early collaboration with the Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation, and engaged other key stakeholders including environmental advocates, arts and culture groups, to hear their perspectives on the site. We also engaged Ontarians to hear about what they wanted to see at Ontario Place, and consistently over 80% say a concept like Therme is the right choice.
What economic benefits will Therme deliver?
Therme Canada| Ontario Place will strengthen Ontario’s economy. A Conference Board of Canada study noted the construction alone would boost Canada’s GDP by over $350+ million CAD. When we open our doors, Therme Canada | Ontario Place will contribute $150 million CAD annually to Canada’s GDP.

We’ll create about 2,200 construction jobs. Once operational, the project will create 800 permanent jobs and an additional 800 indirect and induced jobs will created.

Therme Canada | Ontario Place will be located on the Treaty Lands and Territory of the Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation

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